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Action PT News

Waves of Consequence

Large Australian Swells Testing Competitive Limits

Girl surfing in a beautiful blue tube

SIx Times World Surfing Champion, Stephanie Gilmore, in a better place. Photo courtesy of Stephanie Gilmore’s Facebook page.

On a recent free surf in Australia, six-time world champ Stephanie Gilmore wiped out with bone-breaking intensity. “I fractured my fibula… I just ejected out of the lip, tried to pin drop feet-first and went straight-legged into the sand,” said Gilmore in an interview during the 2015 Drug Aware Margaret River Pro. It not only kept her from competing in the contest, it also highlights the range of injuries that can be sustained while surfing.

We see a lot of strains, sprains, and tears in our patients at Action Physical Therapy— especially the ones that surf—but fractures are less common. Which is actually a little surprising, considering a cubic meter of water (about the size of your oven) weighs a ton. The eight- to twelve-foot waves breaking at the 2015 Margaret River Pro were unleashing hundreds of tons of water at the competitors riding them. The athleticism and flexibility of even the most prepared, intensely trained surfers are tested when they met the wrong side of those breaking waves. (Ninth best surfer in the world, Jordy Smith, had to pull out of the competition because of injuries sustained to his foot and knee during a between-round surf at spot near Margaret River.)

And, while it may sound more serious, a fracture can be more preferable to something like a ligament tear. A hairline fracture like the one Stephanie Gilmore sustained, often does not require surgery, but will need rest and physical therapy to ensure it heals correctly and completely.

If you’re experiencing pain while surfing, or any other activity for that matter, it could be an undiagnosed, yet easily treatable issue. We encourage you to talk to your doctor, or call us for a consult. We can create a specialized PT program for surfing injuries, and the many other conditions that go with living an active life.

We wish Stephanie Gilmore the best in her recovery, and look forward to watching her rip in the upcoming Oi Rio Women’s Pro in Brazil. And congrats to John John Florence on his runner up win at the Margie’s Men’s Pro! He walked away with second place, but he’s a first-rate competitor and ambassador for Hawaii. #GoJohnJohnGo!

Get a Massage. It’s Good For You!

There are lots of benefits of massage therapy. It can help pain management for cancer,  insomnia, anxiety, multiple sclerosis, post-operative recovery and will help heal the heart.

Woman getting a massage

Many Americans suffer from high blood pressure and massage therapy can help you maintain optimal vascular health.

Long-term studies have shown that a consistent massage program can decrease diastolic and systolic blood pressure; decrease salivary and urinary cortisol stress-hormone levels; and lower sources for depression, anxiety and hostility.

If you or someone you know is looking for natural ways to help lower blood pressure, please contact our office today to set up an appointment with Cece our Certified Massage & Zen Muscular Therapist. (808) 246-0144

Click here to read Why Massages Really Do Keep You Healthy: A Cardiologist Explains

Testimonial from Barry Deblake

Barry Deblake on a police helicopterI have been involved in the Law Enforcement and Military field for 16 years. During the year of 2005, I was a part of Operation Iraqi Freedom. While in Iraq, I was involved in a rocket attack that just missed our Police Transition Team (PTT) that was charged with training the Iraqi Police. As part of the rocket attack, I sustained a lower back injury which eventually got me air lifted to Germany for treatment. Due to the fact that it was just weeks before the 2005 Christmas, the military sent me back to Honolulu so I could be home for the holidays. As you may well know Honolulu is back in Hawaii but it’s not all the way home. Just about that time the military was trying a new program where soldiers could continue their physical therapy as an outpatient on their home island. One of the supporters of the program was Action Therapy. Upon arriving back to Kauai, I made contact with Ginger Allen (PT). She was very friendly and totally understood the position I was in. Being that my real job was a Kauai Police (Swat Officer), I couldn’t just do a normal physical therapy treatment. My mindset was not to get better but to return back to full duty. Ginger Allen put me through a physical therapy program that rivaled a professional athlete. The end result was that not only did I get better and return back to the Swat Team, I became one of only two Swat Snipers on the island of Kauai. Anyone who knows anything about being a sniper knows how physically demanding the job can be. I am confident that if Action Therapy did not meet my needs for physical therapy, I would not be in the position I am today. I would highly recommend Action Therapy especially if you have a very athletic lifestyle.

Testimonial from a Health Care Professional

An Xray of a neck“As a health care professional, I strongly recommend Steve Nakamura at Action Physical Therapy. I have referred my family and patients to Action Physical Therapy. All of my referrals have had great results and only positive things to say about their experiences with Steve.”

Dr. Richard Blair
Hanalei Chiropractic Clinic

Direct Access in Hawaii—What that Means for You

Inside the office at Action Physical Therapy, KauaiDirect Access to Physical Therapist is now available.

According to Ann Frost, PT, president of the Hawaii Chapter of APTA, “Hawaii’s people can now enjoy the ability to receive physical therapy in a more cost- and time-effective manner.” Specifically, patients can now receive treatment from a licensed physical therapist without a physician’s referral.

So what does that mean for you? Instead of visiting your chiropractor for weekly maintenance, or your acupuncturist to ease your pain briefly, you can now go directly to a physical therapist to fix what ails you.

A licensed physical therapist is a true health care professional with at least a four-year degree who has passed a demanding physical therapy exam. A physical therapist specializes in the evaluation and treatment of various diagnoses that limit physical functioning. Our physical therapist work with you to restore health and foster optimal physical function. They don’t address the symptom, they define the root issue and provide remedies and long term solutions.

At Action Physical Therapy Kauai, this means we begin each client relationship with a thorough examination to identify potential and existing problems. Before we create your personal program, we will discuss your history in detail and use established tests and measures to forecast how successful we can be in addressing your issue.

To read more go to American Physical Therapy Association’s article on direct access on the APTA web site.