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ACL Injury Prevention: Crucial New Research Could Keep More Players in the Game

It’s an agonizing, yet all too common scene on Monday Night (or Monday afternoon,  if you live in Hawaii): a wide receiver, crumpled on the turf, clutching his knee, writhing in pain. Injury to the ACL, or Anterior Cruciate Ligament, is one of the most common sidelining injuries for professional football players. According to a […]

Get a Massage. It’s Good For You!

Many Americans suffer from high blood pressure and massage therapy can help you maintain optimal vascular health. Call us today to schedule an appointment with our massage therapist. (808) 246-0144.

Foam Rollers: 5 Common Mistakes

At Action Physical Therapy, we utilize tools to help you feel better. Even a simple foam roller can have very effective results in treating pain if used properly. Read about the most common mistakes you can make when using a foam roller.

The Perfect Holiday Gift

Massage Therapy gift certificate: receive an extra 10% off our regular price.