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Running Shoe Myths

Gimmicks aside, we can help our patients run faster and prevent injury, there’s just not a magical cure-all shoe to help do it. We would recommend plyometrics drills like box jumps, and spending more time in the weight room to become a stronger and more injury-free runner. Myth #1: Running Shoes Prevent Injury Myth #2: […]

Kauai Marathon Starting Line Video

It is so nice to see so many runners show up and participate in this year’s Kauai Marathon. Here is a fun video of the start of the race. Hopefully you will be as inspired as we were to get up and get moving! Recommend on Facebook Share on Linkedin Tweet about it Subscribe to […]

Let’s Explore: Barefoot Running

Barefoot running is simply running in thin-soled shoes or without shoes. The most common justifications for barefoot running are that it is the "natural" way of running, it prevents injury, it makes you run faster, and it strengthens the muscles of your feet. So are these claims true?